Kids Party Venues and Ideas in Melbourne

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Kids Party Venues and Ideas in Melbourne

Tired of the same old party ideas you use every year? Switch it up with a memorable party at Studio Royale! Not only do we offer a pristine party venue and fun games for your children to play, we also utilise our wellness skills to make your daughter’s birthday party the ultimate relaxation station. From massages to manicures, chocolate facials to kids’ foot spas, we have got all their relaxation needs and desires covered at Studio Royale is one of the best kid’s party venue in Melbourne

As one of Melbourne’s best kids and teenage party venues, we know how to put the glamour back into any event and make all birthday queens feel special.

We offer mini treatments including:

  • Manicure & Nail Polish
  • Foot Soak & Polish
  • Face Glitter
  • Deluxe Chocolate Facial at our Diamanté Mirrors
  • Hair braid / Hairstyle & Glitter
  • Singing and Dancing with our Royal Fairies

Then, to take the glamour children’s parties melbourne to the next level, here are a few of our party enhancement activities that you can select to incorporate during your darlings’ pampered experience and make it a lot more entertaining for their busy minds. You can also utilise these games at home during your at-home DIY spa themed birthday party.

1- Paint My Nails

Women Applying Nail Paint On Little Girls Nails

Let’s be honest ‒ this can be a messy process! But with the help of a patient adult or two, you can keep the children clean and enthralled with their colourful choices, all at once. Kids of all ages love to have their nails painted, and it can be a super fun experience for them to get creative and express their individuality. 


At Studio Royale, we offer a selection of colourful kids’ sets that any girl would love, or they can choose a colour that catches their eye. With the addition of sequins, glitter or stickers, this activity will keep the girls oohing and ahhing over their pretty glittery nails until it wears off. 

2- Happy Hair Makeovers


Who doesn’t love having their hair brushed and braided into something beautiful? You could have your girls feeling like princesses! This may require some assistance from one or two more adults, or only do the birthday girl’s hair to make her feel extra special. In our residence, we can give the girls a hair makeover and make them feel beautiful with a simple French plait or a sweeping updo. With your girls sitting in our chairs watching their hair and makeup transform in our Diamante mirrors, we know they’ll feel like royalty. 

You can also help the girls choose different shades for their makeover. Let them handpick their blue lipstick and orange eyeshadow to compliment (or contrast) their purple nails. Help them apply blush, and there you have it. May be a mess, but a beautiful mess at that. 

3- Dancing Divas & Kids Karaoke

girl dancing in kid's party

Mix up the pace with dancing and karaoke. With a simple YouTube tutorial and some great music, you can keep the girls singing and dancing away their troubles ‒ and getting some energy out. Do the Macarena, Gangnam Style, or any of the newest trending dancing moves. They will have a ball!

4- Foot Soak And Pedicure

glamorous kid’s pamper party

The best way to top off a pampered party is to stick their tiny tootsies into a mini foot spa. The girls can finally have their well-deserved break with a gentle foot massage, bubbles, soap and a generally relaxing ambience. The foot spa is a luxury item that can only amp up their experience of being princesses for the day. Let them choose their favourite colour for their toes and add that last layer of nail polish to the squeaky clean feet. 

This is the ultimate list to keep you and the girls feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and pampered at the same time. Give your kids a well-deserved break and make your daughter feel like a true princess at her very own pamper party. With fun, engaging and special activities like these and more, it will be an amazing party experience to remember! Contact us to book a pristine venue for your child’s special day. With experienced planners and responsible leaders, we can handle it all here at Studio Royale. 

5- Kids Photo Booth

excited kid's posing in photo booth

Once they’re all peppy and pampered, the kids will be itching to take some memorable photos of themselves. They’ll love grabbing props, striking a pose and seeing their photos pop out the other side. Find a space or a blank wall where you can hang up decorations such as streamers or even a plain black sheet to create a certain vibe. Keep music going in the background and encourage them to be dramatic and show off their new makeovers. You can get really creative by adding fancy dresses, wigs and accessories to the pile of props so that the kids get to go all out. 

Take the photos on your phone or tablet, or splash out and get a Polaroid. Your guests will be excited when they receive prints from this unforgettable event.

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