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Melbourne's most Glamorous kid’s pamper party venue.

Located at 15 Glenferrie Road Malvern and 219 Canterbury Road, Canterbury, Studio Royale is the perfect choice for a spa party venue. We offer a special and unique treatment for your child and all of their friends. This will be a memorable and pampered experience that they cannot and will not forget! With our stunning wonderland of a venue, our party enhancements, special packages and glam pink door, you will feel like a princess from the moment you enter. 

Plenty of parking is available at both venues.


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As the birthday child’s parents, we know you may feel more at ease joining in or at least watch over the children during their busy day in our studio. Parents are more than welcome to stay for the entirety of the party and enjoy the environment we create for the children at their spa birthday party. If you prefer to drop the kids off and head out to find your own peace during the day, there are plenty of local cafes and shopping opportunities for you or other parents to enjoy whilst the party is in full swing!
Explore The Activities Take Place In Our Boutique Studio

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Birthday Party Venue Melbourne

Janine & Belle Lynch are a Mother / Daughter duo who are no amateurs when it comes to Kids, Teen & Children’s Parties. Currently operating another successful Melbourne business ‘Melbourne Glamping’ – Belle at 21yo had the brilliant idea to style and create backyard glamping parties, indoor teepee sleepovers and luxe dining & picnic events all around Melbourne for kids & teen parties and celebrations.

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School Holiday Programs

Throughout the school holidays, Studio Royale will be bursting with activities created just for kids.