Top 10 Party Games Ideas For Kids

Party Games - Kids playing puzzle solving

Need help figuring out how to keep kids entertained? Playing some good old fashioned party games is the answer! Not only are these games great for rainy days at home, but also for keeping groups of children happy and engaged during parties. With tried and tested measures, we have compiled a list of fun, humorous and hopefully exhausting party games ideas to keep kids busy and always having a great time.

Kids playing whats the time mr wolf in woods

1. What's The Time, Mr Wolf?

Among the top 10 party games, what’s the time Mr wolf stand’s first.
This is a form of tag that keeps kids on their toes, listening closely and ready to run for their lives! First, a child (or parent) is chosen to be Mr Wolf, who stands at the opposite end of the room. The remaining children form a line across the other side facing Mr Wolf. Next, the children chant, “Mr Wolf, what is the time?” If Mr Wolf says, “It is 3 o’clock”, all children must take three steps forward, and so on for the number called out.Once the children are closer to Mr Wolf, and he/she decides it’s time to feast, he/she will declare “IT’S DINNER TIME” and try to catch a victim, who becomes the next Mr Wolf for the following round.
Kid guessing the smell

2. What's That Smell?

Blindfold a volunteer and hold different objects, one by one, right under their nose. They must guess what it is without touching the object and see who has the longest streak! Throw in some smelly socks right after an orange peel or piece of chocolate to keep the crowd entertained. Variation: Give kids two chances to touch or taste the items if needed.
Girl holding the colored air balloons in party games

3. Air Balloon

This is a game that’s sure to go off with a band! Let the kids pick their favourite colour balloon, blow it up for them, and tell them to protect it with their lives! Each child is in charge of keeping their balloon off the ground. If the balloon hits the ground, they’re out. The last child with their balloon in the air wins!
party games simons say - kid's running

4. Simon Says

A parent must demonstrate first as ‘Simon’. If Simon instructs, “Simon says put your hand on your head”, all kids must copy the action. But if Simon doesn’t say his name before the instruction and someone copies him, they are out. Change it up by replacing Simon with different words, such as Cinnamon or Seahorse. “Cinnamon says close your eyes”, and so on. Confuse the pants off of the children and let them laugh themselves silly. Let the kids take over the game and watch them have a ball.
Party games - Kids playing limbo with friends

5. Limbo!

Blast the music and see how low they can go! After every child has gone under the limbo stick, lower it each round until the last player is bending backward to make it underneath. If anyone touches the stick above, they are out. You can pimp out a broom or use a pool noodle as your trusty limbo stick.
Kid's Musical chair party games

6. Musical Chairs

Set up a circle with however many chairs you need. Play a song and pause it sporadically. While the song plays, the children run around the circle, and as soon as the music stops, they need to find a chair to sit on as fast as possible. The catch is that the chairs lessen by one with each round. Keep playing until one winner remains!
Kid with the colors on hand

7. Colourful Scavengers

With your trusty piece of sidewalk chalk, make four different circles on the ground in different colours. Each coloured circle has a number inside. For instance, our purple circle has the number 3 written in it. The children must work in teams to gather three different purple objects (from inside or outside). Whichever team fills up their circles the fastest, wins!
kid playing twister with parents in park

8. Twister

This physically demanding game leaves children all tangled up and in fits of laughter. Place the mat with different coloured circles on the floor. One person is in charge of spinning the pinwheel with colours that will give the instructions to follow. Follow the instructions, such as “Left hand on red”, and witness the little munchkins twisting into sometimes impossible positions.
Kids playing broken telephone by passing the chat in party games

9. Broken Telephone

Gather everyone to sit in a circle. One person will start by whispering a sentence into someone’s ear. Choose a direction and keep going in said direction. As the sentence is whispered down the line, there’s no doubt that the words will get jumbled and misheard. By the end of the round, you might just have a whole new nonsensical sentence! See how far you can get and be creative.
Party games - kids playing red rover in woods

10. Red Rover

Children divide into two groups. Each team takes an opposite end of the garden and links hands to form a solid line. One team will shout, “Red rover, red rover, let _____ (a child’s name) come over”. The chosen child tries to run through the line of opposing children and get to the other side. If they make it across, their team wins! But If the kid can’t break the chains, they join the opposing team.

Do you find these party games interesting?

These are fun and creative party games that, when put together, keep children engaged mentally and worn out physically. What more could you possibly ask for when surrounded by sugar-crazed kids?
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