Birthday Party Manners Tips All Modern Parents Should Know

party tips- e-cards
Planning your child’s birthday party can be overwhelming. This is why we have put together some Top Tips for you to follow to throw awesome children’s birthday parties in Melbourne. Whether you host at home, or at a specialised venue, we have it covered.
Birthday party manners - Number of Guests

1. Number of Guests

This depends on your budget, venue and your kid’s preference. The entire class needn’t be invited, but it’s worthwhile to send a celebratory snack or cupcakes to the class for everyone to enjoy.
party tips- e-cards

2. eCards versus Paper Invitations

There’s no wrong way to invite your kid’s guests. One may be more convenient, the other more keepsake-appropriate. Give sufficient notice with RSVP for planning purposes.
party tips - gift considerations

3. Gift considerations

Opening gifts cuts into the party’s time. Also consider attendees who feel uncomfortable about their gifts or those who haven’t brought gifts. State “no-gifts” on the invite if this is your decision. The reasons needn’t be stated.
party manners - kids food ideas

4. Food

Outside of mealtimes, light snacks such as fruit wands, mini veggie tacos, pretzels, and muffins are good to snack on before birthday cake. If there are children with food allergies, have appropriate food on hand. Put out extra snacks for parents who are accompanying the children for the duration of the party.

party manners - goodie bags

5. Goodie Bags

These aren’t necessary, although it’s a gracious gesture to send attendees home with a special memento. This could be a cupcake, an art project, or a book. Have your child hand out these party favours as a token of appreciation for having their friends over.
party tips - thank you notes

6. Thank-you Notes

If your child is old enough, they should be involved in the process. Allow their creativity to shine through with their own wording or choice of image or artwork. Send notes out 24- 48 hours after the party.

Tips For When You Rent a Party Venue

  • Research public transport, parking facilities, and places close to the venue that parents can visit while waiting for their kids. Include this information on the invites.
  • Make provisions for gift storing, and brief the coordinators about the non-opening gift policy. Enquire about add-ons that may not appear on the venue’s packages and if there is a surcharge when you supply your own extras.
  • Tipping for services is proper etiquette, and a 10% standard or 15% for exceptional services, as you would do in a restaurant, is advisable.
Not only do we provide the ultimate pampering experience for children’s parties in Melbourne, but we also take care of the planning, the activities, and the special touches to make your little princess’s party a memorable one. Contact Studio Royale to discuss our party packages and book your venue today!
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