Top 5 kid’s birthday party cake ideas

Birthday cake with the birthday hats

We listed the top 5 kids birthday party cake ideas & we all know that kids love to celebrate their birthdays, so why not give them the most memorable one yet? With our extensive range of tasty cakes for every taste and occasion you’re sure never have trouble coming up with an idea!


Unicorn Cake

Gold Unicorn & White cream Cake

Among the Top 5 kids birthday party cake ideas, Unicorn Cake is our first choice.!

This magical unicorn cake is as good-looking and tasty as you could ever hope to find. With its stunning white exterior, it’s a must for any fan of the colourful mythical creature!

The secret behind this impressive treat lies in how baker Knoelke creates such height; she uses smaller pans which give off more risen dough than taller ones would offer on their own – but don’t worry: there are other tricks up her sleeve too (like using flowing serum throughout the baking process) that help turn even basic ingredients into something remarkable enough without needing extra flourish from frosting or decorations alone


Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake with the white cream topping cut into two slices

The bright and colourful rainbow cake is a beautiful sight to see! The pound cakes are topped with creamy spreads, fresh fruit at each end of the course. There’s also an orange “pot” full-topped off for dipping into its delicious goodness.
Cake: A gorgeous masterpiece that will impress any guest who bites into it


Birthday Drip Cake

chocolate cake with beans and waffle

The cake is so fluffy and moist, you’ll have to take a second slice just for the sprinkles! With an amazing vanilla buttercream that tastes as it came straight from heaven on top of this scrumptious dessert- who could possibly be sad?


Chocolate Layer Cake

chocolate layer cake cut into slice and golden fork lying near

The creation of a unique and delicious sounding cake with an exciting flavour combination made it hard to resist. We could taste the spices in each bite, as well as their perfect pairing on top!

This cake is a great addition to unique cakes. The spice from the spices made it taste even better!


Cream Cheese Sheet Cake

Cream cheese sheet cake

This rich, buttery cake is a crowd-pleaser. The thin layer of fudge frosting makes it perfect for any event or potluck! I always see people going back for seconds and thirds too—maybe because we can all break off an extra piece without feeling too guilty about our indulgences?

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